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Valentine’s Day Baskets for Toddlers

I love putting together gift baskets, especially for my kids. My three get enough toys that I enjoy getting them gifts that are usable. I also stray away from candy for holidays as typically it is already high in consumption. Last year for Bristal’s class valentine’s day party, created dinosaur themed cards and washi taped small dinosaurs to it. Huge hit with the kids and the parents.

This year our kids’ Valentine’s Day ‘baskets’ are backpacks filled with useable items.

Valentine's Day Basket for toddlers

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ONE | I am so glad that my kids enjoy reading books and seeing their names in a book also. This is one of the few books that has three siblings in it. We previously purchased That’s My Cake from another company- which was a huge hit!

TWO* | Owls and love what more about you ask for in a Valentine’s gift? It is about a Big Owl talking to the Little Owl about their fun filled adventures and how they are filled with love.

THREE | Paw Patrol is BIG in our house and this set allows me to split among the three. The socks are a little thicker with grips on the bottom of the feet.

FOUR | Jade loves unicorns, frills, babies, and things that are pretty. This backpack embodies her.

FIVE | Bristal’s favorite Paw Patrol characters are Skye and Everrest which are both featured here, not to mention it is pink.

SIX | Anything Paw Patrol Jasper loves and he likes to put his cars in a bag to take them and play somewhere else in the house.

SEVEN* | Here is another book personalization option with puffy letters. The stickers are easy enough to remove, but strong enough that my kids are unable to take them off.

EIGHT | Jade- unicorn and purple (cats and frills) are some of her favorite clothing pieces. The kids enjoy these pajamas as they are not too tight where they are unable to get their hands and feet through without effort, but feel secure enough to wear to bed.

NINE | Bristal loves super heroes and Star Wars is has been asking for pajamas with those themes.

TEN | You can never go wrong with Hanna Andersson their clothes last forever, amazing quality and they have sales often! Jasper is our little love bug so these are great for him. If you want underwear that fits a little that has a bit rounder butt these are great!


What are your favorite Valentine’s Day ‘basket’ ideas or traditions?


Warmest Wishes,

*I am an Usborne Books & More consultant and do receive a percentage when purchasing through these links
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Can I Turn in My Mom Card?

Days like today make me want to turn in my mom card. Kids crying all night, with little to no sleep, the house is a mess from Christmas and the twin’s birthday, shopping needs to be done, not to mention cleaning and laundry, and oh what is for dinner, and so on and so forth. BUT the only person the kids want- you guessed it- mom. Even though dad is trying to distract them, “NO, I want Momma”.

Birthday Celebration

It is also days like today that my heart hurts for my husband, he tries his best to have the kids come play and cuddle with him and they refuse. Last night was the same, I was the one up with the kids, not because my husband wouldn’t help, but because the kids only want momma.

Sincerely the mom drinking beer and taking some much needed ‘me time’ to do it again tomorrow.

Warmest Wishes,